How to clean your groceries

Protect your self from bringing the Coronavirus home

"Clean eating" has taken on a whole new meaning since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, or Covid19. 

All following information is based on various online sources. Please be mindful and practice safe hygiene.

This content is based off of a recently gone viral video by Michigan-based family physician, with over 20 years of experience, Dr Jeffrey VanWingen.

He shared a guideline on how to prevent bringing the virus into your home after going out for groceries.

Here is our take:

Leave your groceries outside for as long as possible. There are many different studies that state how long the virus can survive on different types of surfaces but Dr VanWingen suggests to be safe and assume it will last up to three days.

Whenever you've been outside, make sure you sanitize and clean yourself as soon as you enter your home.

Start by cleaning a surface area to clean your groceries on. Designate a "clean" area and a "dirty" area. You will place your groceries that have been outside in the dirty area and then move them to the clean area once you have cleaned them.

Wipe down any hard, packaged items with a disinfectant and set them aside.

For unnecessary packaging, you may place the contents in a clean container and dispose the possibly contaminated packaging.

For porous produce such as vegetable and fruit, you should wash them as if washing your hands with water and vegetable cleaner.

Produce like onions and garlic can be left outside until it can rid of any virus over time and with heat.

Once you're done you may clean up and take a shower!

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